Royal Falcon Arts produces limited edition bronze sculptures (or what we call, ‘Inspirations’) based on important spiritual truths like love, mercy and forgiveness.

2015-2016 Collection

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 Our Inspirations

Each bronze inspiration is cast by hand in a North Carolina bronze foundry by Royal Falcon Arts as a unique work of art. Thy Name Is My Healing, Make My Prayer A Fire, Hand Of Virtues, Sunburst Of Virtues and Illumine The Lamp Of My Heart are part of Royal Falcon Arts' 2015-2016 Collection, launched following requests by collectors for spiritual legacy pieces.

Every casting is presented in a high quality gift box with each piece beautifully robed in silk brocade. All art, 3D renderings and prototypes are produced in North Carolina.

The pieces come with an authentication verification and information about the artist’s intent and the production process. Each inspiration contains the edition mark and is your guarantee that it is an original foundry casting of the sculptor's work that he or she has personally approved.

The bronze casting is a perfect recreation of the artist's original sculpture and took weeks to finish. It bears the true intent of everyone involved in the creative process. Every piece is cast by hand and the mold destroyed, thus each piece is an original and varies slightly from one to another.

The inspirations themselves provide a source for reflection and contemplation and the proceeds support all those who were involved in the creation of the bronze inspiration, as well as further dialogue on the virtues and attributes of mankind.

Be inspired. Feel Extraordinary.