Our Collaborators

Growing out of a desire to understand our spiritual nature, virtues and attributes, our collaborators are dedicated to developing the highest standards and best practices available in the arts today.  With a love of life and sincere dedication to service, we are all working to better ourselves and our community.  Each of us at RFA hopes that the inspiration we have received through this profound and uniquely personal process will afford the larger community their own insight and path towards a greater understanding of one another.

Anne McLean
Raleigh NC. Polymer and Color Chemist, Artist and Director of Kairos Studios, LLC. Recent graduate from North Carolina State University

RFA 2D & 3D Artist

Harold Burger
Louisburg NC. Award winning sculptor , 34 years casting gold, platinum and silver as a master gold smith.

RFA 3D Artist

Mike Hillis
Raleigh, NC. Student, North Carolina State University.

RFA 2D Artist

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 9.50.44 AMcrop3.png

Pierre Pickens
Durham NC. Mental Health Qualified Professional, Executive Director at Ariel Community Care, LLC.

RFA 2D Artist

new shot-crop.jpg

Lynne Schreiber
Denver CO. Meeting planner and program coordinator.

RFA Editor

Lincoln Tanyi
Africa, Freelance Video Production

RFA Creative Director

Sanaz Taslim Saravi
Washington DC. Apple sales and management.

RFA 2D Artist