Our Process

Royal Falcon Arts incorporates a creative process that is unlike any other - one that involves inspirational intent from the outset, distilling it ever further through paper, graphite, clay, wax, porcelain slip and finally molten bronze until it emerges as a fine work of art. 

Each piece arrives in our hands imprinted with rich history, the product of a beautiful artistic collaboration across many mediums. Born during moments of profound reflection, these bronze inspirations begin the instant an artistic mind envisions an illustration to accompany one of humanity's universal virtues. They continue to inspire once they are ready to leave our workshop, providing moments of pure and uplifting contemplation in gleaming bronze wherever they are displayed.

Royal Falcon Arts incorporates:

  • Inspirational quotes on human virtues and attributes.
  • Everyday people illustrating extraordinary ideas.
  • Talented sculptors and the finest clay artisans in the USA.
  • An ancient tradition of fine metalsmithing.
  • Love, respect, gratitude, and awe.
I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.
— Michelangelo

Royal Falcon Arts' Unique Creative Process

The process begins with a small group of people taking a few hours out of their day to read, study and reflect on written material organized around attributes like forgiveness or the nature of life and death.  During periods of quiet contemplation, the participants often produce simple drawings that reflect their inner thoughts on the material that has been read and discussed. These drawings mark the start of Royal Falcon Arts' creative process for bringing true inspiration to bronze.

Next, talented sculptors faithfully translate 2D drawings into 3D forms, adding new layers of insight and artistic expression to the unique inspiration. Two-dimensional inspirations eventually become three dimensional sculptures in bronze, representing a pure moment and capturing a timeless story within each piece. 

Sunburst Clay

Making molds of the prototypes using silicone allows us to begin transferring the design into bronze.

Bronze artisans work with molten metal and intense heat to fill each Royal Falcon inspiration. With a time tested blend of metal alloys known for impeccable reproduction of a sculptor's work, a detailed copy of the original sculpture is formed. 

The bronze castings before and after a cleaning, awaiting the final process that will provide them with their lustrous patina.

The result of this unique five-step process is handcrafted 21st Century art with an authentic old world feel.