Our Story

In the summer of 2013, a group of friends gathered to study and discuss the virtues of mankind, the meaning of life, and to explore the question: "Why am I here?” 

Using material pulled from faith traditions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and the Bahá‘í Faith, these friends, truck drivers, sales people, construction workers, barbers, teachers, and students worked to develop a holistic understanding of mankind's greatest virtues and how to embody them.  During the study, periods of quiet reflection gave birth to inspired drawings that profoundly captured the essence of quotes from humankind's spiritual history.

Hand Of Virtues Drawing

That fall, one of the participants from the original summer meetings enrolled in a class at NC State University. When the class was asked to evaluate the design elements of a website, the student observed the pictures on the screen mysteriously morph into the drawings from the previous summer, but with three-dimensional components.  No words can describe the ethereal moment when the screen appeared to fully transform into three-dimensional representations of the drawings from the study a few months before.

At that moment, Royal Falcon Arts was conceived. What followed next was a process of trial and error. Initial attempts to create three-dimensional renderings of the two-dimensional artwork were met with problems of shrinkage and distortion.  This resulted in months of development and refinement. A change to synthetic medium led to unexpected chemical reactions between the new medium and the material used to make the molds, and compromised the art. Several methods were considered and tested to obtain faithful 3D reproductions including: a type of shrink wrap, poured resin, and injection molding.  In the end, the 2,000 year old technique of lost wax casting using bronze proved to produce the most faithful, consistent and inspiring reproduction.

For the past several months, many individuals have been working passionately, yet humbly to bring to you the same opportunity for deep understanding and connection that they experienced in the initial 2013 summer study. Additional opportunities for study and reflection have been conducted producing equally thoughtful 2D renderings. Every care has been taken to honestly communicate the insight from the original drawings through to the bronze inspirations, using a painstaking process of sculpting, carving and molding which results from a beautiful collaboration between artists, acclaimed sculptors, and skilled metal smiths.

Simply put, we are a collection of everyday people who work together to promote the virtues of mankind.

Art washes from the soul the dust of every day life.
— Pablo Picasso